Working method

How do we work?


Cattle selection

As we strive for the best quality, we are very selective when purchasing our live cattle and calves. We work exclusively with suppliers who treat their animals with respect. The animals are subsequently slaughtered in a high-quality slaughterhouse, with the greatest attention to hygiene and food safety.


Own cutting plant

The meat is processed and cut in our own cutting room. Our completely renewed cutting room, as well as all our new machines ensure an excellent end product that cannot be limited by any request.


Own refrigerated transport

We personally deliver the end product to the customer. Our completely renewed fleet of refrigerated trucks ensures that all deliveries are carried out perfectly on time and in the best conditions!


Import & export

Import and export represent an important interaction for us. We are responsible for the import of carcasses and meat originating from abroad on the one hand and for the export of carcasses and boned meat on the other hand. Both our import and export are subject to a quality guarantee.